Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From Cadburys to Kraft
So, Cadburys throws in the towel. But how does it really matter to us? Facebook and twitter are snowed under with anxious Indian voices that say the chocolates wouldn't just be the same without Cadbury. Ah, well.. true in a sense that we've grown up savouring dairy milks and gifting bournvilles. Diwali means 'celebrations' and a lavish treat for someone would be 'fruit and nut.'
The centuries-old chocolate maker did have a marked impact on all of us. But is it just because we have been so used to the chocolates? That being a part of the reason, it might also be that the 'Brit' thing that turned our attentions.
For all we know, a U.S. comp with as much popularity if taken over by a British one would have been dismissed with a news item buried in corner of a page. Call it the colonial hangover, but the Brit bonding is still going strong, so much so that we crib for their defeat.
But the good thing about plush supermarkets overfed with imported foods is that Hersheys or Kraft are no more exotic to us. If Kraft decides to root out all the flavours of Cadburys and introduce its signature looks, we might, in all probability, miss the good-ol' chocolate bars wrapped in deep-violet glossy papers.
But then, there is so much of never-tried-before chocs waiting to be picked. Let's mourn for bournville for sometime and quench our craving by digging into these exotic bars.
Cheers to Kraft and to chocoholics!