Thursday, July 19, 2007

'Harry Potter and the Indian Media'

I know it had taken a really long time... but the near-to-a-year gap has actually done me a lot of good.. for, i've found how bugging it is to lay your hands on the keyboard to post a blog after filing a whole chunk of reports.. two, this has shot up my respects to my fellow blog-loving journos.. now guess what made me to turn to my long-lost blog?
It is the next set of whole hype and hoopla of media that has zeroed in on a single person, soon after Rajini's Sivaji. Kids stay off! You might get offended. The 'potter-mania,' a term that surprisingly sustains its freshness despite the 10-year woeful overdose usage of the media, is what i'm talking about.
"10-million dollars for anti-piracy works.." "two million copies pre-ordered.." "646 pages released.." Ooof, give us a break..
But of these eternal PTCs (Piece To Camera is a proud journo-jargon, which means nothing but speaking before camera) on how Potter made people wait in tenterhooks and whether J.K. Rowling follow the good-old Sherlock Holmes style of killing Harry and bringing him back after a popular demand, one report in a private news channel stood apart.
That said, don't let your admiration level soar for the pretty reporter (man, she was really skinny), who came up with an exclusive story on Potter's climax.
Everytime the news anchor shot her a question after minutes of 'mmmm and aaahhs,' the Potter-maniac reporter maintained that people weren't bothered about the leak of the climax. Well, she just doesn't stop there. With a sweeping gesture, she declared, "Everyone knows what is in the Bible. But it still remains to be the best-selling one. That's how Harry Potter is."
Now, don't start scoffing her before hearing her confession. "No, I'm not comparing Bible with Harry Potter. I just meant to say Potter sales wouldn't be affected by piracy and internet releases."
Woefully, it wasn't hilarious but annoying to the few among the many who turned on the channel. It was so apparent but didn't actually hit many. It's difficult, you know.. To first take eyes off from the stunning reporter and to listen how she was screwing up the whole stuff.
Well, that's journalism for you folks. But I thank her for breaking my year-long-blogging silence. I will come with more frequent insider updates.

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